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When fashion and anime meet, this lovely dress up game is the result! Become the super stylist who creates the most stunning makeover for Kawaii characters. With three levels available, this app is the top pick for players wanting to design an anime avatar. It has a head-to-toe makeover selection that creates a range of looks, from preppy to chic to ethereal for three pretty anime girls.

Three Levels, Three Avatars
Style the perfect anime fashionista for different characters at each level. Select a dress up avatar game, anime dress up game, or dress up princess doll to start the makeover. All three levels offer an exceptional selection to complete every type of look. They can become a superstar, fairy princess, or a modern babe—there’s a suitable character for everybody!

Beauty Shop
There is no shortage of personalization options for every player. The eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth can be changed to create various expressions and moods. Best of all are the nudge tools that allow players to adjust every detail to perfection. The game also has a great collection of dresses, tops, and bottoms to create a stylish look for the character.

Take a Photo
When the dress up is complete, the player can take a photo of the anime avatar in one of the backgrounds available. A bamboo forest, temple, storefront, and other backdrops help create a story for the character.

  • Build an anime avatar by picking each facial feature like the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and more.
  • Choose from a great range of hairstyles and accessories with vibrant colors to liven up the character.
  • Mix and match tops and bottoms or pick a dress to finalize the avatar’s look.
  • Three levels are available to create multiple styles for the anime character.
  • Select a background and snap a screenshot to share with friends!

From choosing the perfect facial features to selecting the most stylish outfits, this game lets you create a range of looks for each character, and even allows you to snap a photo to share with your friends. So why wait? Start building your anime avatar today!

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