Push The Colors

Push The Colors


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Push The Colors

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In Push the Colors game, players can play a great adventure game by pucshing block in a 3D world. The game revolves around maneuvering a colored block through a path filled with color lines and obstacles. As you guide your block along the path, it changes color when passing through these lines, requiring strategic collection of blocks that match your current color to progress.

The journey is fraught with challenges, including sharp obstacles that can destroy your block collection, demanding quick reflexes and foresight to navigate safely to the finish line. The game stands out with its easy to learn controls and the option to play in both single and multiplayer modes.

Players can customize their character with various hats and glasses, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience. The game is really fun and easy to get! You just need to think fast and make smart moves to win while pushing colorful blocks and having a blast!


Single player:

  • Move: Left/right arrow keys or A/D
  • Push (at the finish line): Up arrow key or W

Two-player mode:

  • Player 1: Move with A/D, push with W
  • Player 2: Move with left/right arrow keys, push with the up arrow key
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