Mine clone 4

Mine clone 4


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Mine clone 4

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Mine Clone 4 is like the ultimate sandbox game where you get to play boss of your own world, building stuff from tiny huts to massive castles, just like a blocky king!

You start off by jazzing up your world, picking if you want a chill place or a wild one, messing with the land shapes, and picking your favorite spots like forests or deserts. It’s got super cool 3D graphics that make everything pop and lets you play however you want, making it a blast for block-building pros and newbies.

You get to push buttons and slide things around to make it all yours, making building stuff as easy as stacking legos!

  • Move: Use the WASD keys for directional movement across different terrains.
  • Build/Remove: Click with the mouse to place or remove blocks, tailoring the environment to your designs.
  • Inventory: Press the E key to access and select from a variety of blocks and items for building.
  • Jump/Swim: The SPACE BAR is used to jump across spaces or to navigate through water.
  • UI Toggle: Hit the U key to clear the screen, offering an unobstructed view of your world.
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