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Have you always wanted to make ice cream but weren’t sure where to start? Has the process of creating desserts seemed too complicated for you? Let Ice cream cone cupcakes candy solve those problems for you!

You can make your ice cream with as many colors and flavors as you want. But don’t forget you have the cone that complements the ice cream! Put the two desserts together to create a tasty dessert that will get you drooling with anticipation.

Purchase your ingredients to create the foundation of your dessert mixture. Even the ice cream cones will be made from scratch to help you appreciate it. Thanks to a waffle iron, you can craft several cones to match the ice cream you are making.

The best part is that none of this makes a mess in the kitchen. You go through each step properly, as if you were working in an actual kitchen. No need to worry about mistakes or failing, because there is good guidance making sure everything is fine.

Once your cones have properly settled, you can place your ice cream on top of the cone and decorate it after it sets. Add fruits or sprinkles to complement your ice cream mixture, giving you plenty of variety even if it doesn’t look special.

Here are the features of the game:

  • Buy your ingredients to make the perfect ice cream and cone.
  • Go through all the preparation and cooking as if you were in an actual kitchen.
  • Create your cone and put in as much care as if it was a separate dessert.
  • Combine your ice cream and cone together to finish your dessert.
  • Decorate your finished dessert to give it that extra unique touch.
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