Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber


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Bob The Robber

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In Bob the Robber, players step into the shoes of Bob, a character inspired by the legendary Robin Hood, beginning on a stealth mission to correct injustices by redistributing wealth. This platformer combines elements of puzzle solving and stealth to create a game where strategy and timing are key.

The game challenges players to navigate through various levels, each brimming with security measures like cameras, guards, and locked doors, aiming to complete heists undetected. Bobs journey is not just about the thrill of the heist, its a cleverly disguised critique of societal disparities, making the player a part of Bobs noble cause.

Through its gameplay, Bob the Robber invites players to play in a deeper narrative of righting wrongs in a corrupt world, all while providing an entertaining and challenging game to play.

  • Move Bob using the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Interact with objects and pick locks by pressing the space bar or tapping on Bob.
  • To avoid detection, players must skillfully navigate around cameras and guards, utilizing shadows and timing their movements to remain unseen.
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